Editorial Pick — Jan & Feb 2020


Opinion How to select a headmaster from 200 applicants Few thoughts on the AOD System On-Campus Events 8 Years in Tilton–Exclusive Interview with Mr. and Mrs.Saliba GSA in Action at Tilton Arts Comic Panel: A little heart-to-heart Red Reflection Comic Strip (Finally motivated enough)-Polarity

GSA in Action at Tilton

Simon Wang 1

On February 21, it was the GSA day for Racial Justice, which is a celebration of multiple identities that are held as LGBTQ individuals. GSA and BSU on campus responded to this celebration. They created t-shirts bearing the image of transgender people of color who have been leaders for their community. […]

Comic Panel: A little heart-to-heart

January 31th is apparently “National Inspire Your Heart with Art Day.” Most forms of media would take it figuratively and draw some unnecessary inspirational posters or politically correct comics. Here in Tiltonian we take this day literally, and present you a HUMAN HEART. Learn your human anatomy well, kids. Or […]

Winter Musical Preview

Sara Thibeault

Tilton Theater will be performing the ’80s themed musical comedy, The Wedding Singer, on February 27th and 28th 2020. Actors have been hard at work memorizing lines, songs, dances, and even set changes.