[Student of the Week] Kyle Layman


For those of you who don’t know who Kyle Layman is, you should check this out! (For those of you who already know him, you should read this article too) Kyle Layman is currently a junior. He is from Wrentham, MA (which is famous for the Wrentham outlet according to […]

[Students of the week] Andrew Sun & Jimmy Tian


Jimmy and Andrew are two returning juniors. They’re both from China but two different areas. Jimmy’s hometown is Changchun, where is the northern part of China. It can get colder in winter than Tilton. They also have a top-tier hockey team. During the interview, Jimmy told me he loves the […]

Welcome black

Last year, an unexpected figure appeared on campus —- a black bear. It is not usual to see a bear running around the campus or sitting in front of Knowles tower. Welcome black to Tilton School! — By Eva Pei , The Tiltonian Board

[Student of The Week] Marta Estany-Sanchez


Marta Estany-Sanchez is a new junior from Catalonia, Spain, a region with its own diverse culture. They speak a different language from everywhere else in Spain; the region is famous for the Human pyramid performance and its delicious food. Before coming to Tilton, Marta had spent a year in another […]