[Student of The Week] Marta Estany-Sanchez


Marta Estany-Sanchez is a new junior from Catalonia, Spain, a region with its own diverse culture. They speak a different language from everywhere else in Spain; the region is famous for the Human pyramid performance and its delicious food.

Before coming to Tilton, Marta had spent a year in another high school in Massachusetts and also 3 months in Canada. This year, Marta and her brother, Sergi decided to come to Tilton for the community’s culture. She saw lots of photos on social media that highlights our community events, where we gathered for different activities. During the interview, Marta told us her favorite part about Tilton is that everyone seems so friendly here, and people would join the table if they found someone was sitting alone.

Marta will be playing basketball in winter, while she is currently doing strength & conditioning with Ms. Brisson. “Ms. Brisson is a great coach,” Marta said, “She pushes us because she really wants us to be better.”

[Fun fact about Marta:]
  1. Marta accidentally triggered the fire alarm in the first week of school.
  2. Marta didn’t know who Mr. Saliba is and asked him what he taught when she first met him.


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