[Students of the week] Andrew Sun & Jimmy Tian

Look at these two good friends!

Jimmy and Andrew are two returning juniors. They’re both from China but two different areas. Jimmy’s hometown is Changchun, where is the northern part of China. It can get colder in winter than Tilton. They also have a top-tier hockey team. During the interview, Jimmy told me he loves the landscape back home with lakes and forests. In contrast, Andrew comes from a modern city — Shanghai. Andrew always remembers how busy the city is. 

They both visited campus before going to Tilton. The library and the mansion impressed them. Andrew said his tour guide was really friendly and he likes the close faculty-students relationship. 

Andrew plays soccer in the fall, “I like to kick people.”. Jimmy is doing strength & conditioning, community service, outdoor club, music in the afternoon (I was surprised by that too). Jimmy wants to learn to play piano, this actually is his dream from childhood. 

Andrew enjoys being a small school and developing bonds with other students. He likes folk music and EDM, he wants to be DJ in future. Jimmy also loves to socialize with other people, he wants to study social science in college. 

Fun fact:

Jimmy didn’t know the difference between football and soccer in American English when he first came to America, so he signed up for football when he actually wanted to play soccer. By the way, he quit after the first week of football practice.

During the interview Andrew kicked Jimmy several times.

Look at them!

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