[Student of the Week] Kyle Layman


For those of you who don’t know who Kyle Layman is, you should check this out! (For those of you who already know him, you should read this article too)

Kyle Layman is currently a junior. He is from Wrentham, MA (which is famous for the Wrentham outlet according to Kyle). He has four brothers and one of them (Ryan Layman) actually graduated from Tilton at 2017. He has a dog called Maya.

Kyle came to Tilton to play basketball. He wants to play basketball in college. His brother told him this is a nice place, he’s happy with it and finds people are friendly here.

His favorite class is Ms. Killigrew’s English class. 

Fun fact:

Kyle Layman is in the debate team and eco ram club. He thought about joining the Math Club but one of our interviewers made him quit during the interview.  

One of Kyle’s brothers plays in the NBA.

Kyle doesn’t play any video game (including Fortnite).

What Kyle Layman would name his autobiography: Cool Quirky Kid

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