[Student of the week] Hunter Perkins

Guess which one is Hunter!

Hunter Perkins is a freshman. He is from Lutz, FL, but he was born in NE. He has a twin brother who is also at Tilton School. He has a dog, which we don’t know its name, unfortunately.

During the interview, Hunter told us that he chose Tilton School because his brother learned about the hockey program of Tilton from a Boston tournament. He came to Tilton because he heard the theater program was good (which it actually is). Hunter does full-time theater. He will be Mr. Wardsworth which is a leading character in the show. The show will be on this Thursday and Friday, come and check that out!

The least favorite part of Tilton to Hunter is the boy’s bathroom. And his favorite class is Ms. Caldwell’s Spanish class.

Fun fact:
1. How Hunter will name his autobiography: “The Incredible Boring Life”
2. Top three people he would choose when a zombie virus bursts: His brother, his stepfather, Rusty. According to Hunter, his brother can help him get rid of the zombie because they look so similar that even the zombie will make mistakes.
3. favorite food: food from Rusty

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