[Student of the Week] Jessica Beaucher


Jess Beaucher is a senior day student from Allenstown, NH which is about 50 minutes away from school. Jess wake up around 6:50 every morning and drive herself to school. For some reason a number of bears travel past this town every year, Jess featured it in her art work for the digital art class.   Jess has two brothers, one older and one younger. Her family owns the farmland so she is able to keep many pets: 2 dogs, a cat, a goat, two rats, a fish and a duck. 

Jess came to Tilton because a lot of students in her middle school also came to Tilton, including her best friend Olivia Patterson. 

Jess is doing studio art, community service and outdoor club as her afternoon activities. Her favorite class is Game Design taught by Mr. Harrington. When she signed up for that class, she thought it was about video games. Jess loves open world role play video games. However, it turned out to be a board game design class. But as Jess learned more about this class, she found out that it would help her a lot in developing her future career. Jess wants to study game design in the college, and she can send her board game design as the portfolio. With such a strong motivation, she did really well in class. Mr. Harrington said that he enjoyed the board game Jess designed based on the pinball. 

Teachers in the arts department has offered Jess a lot of help, it’s her favorite part of the school while she isn’t that satisfied with the food and schedule at school.

Fun fact:

Jess is a big Sponge Bob fan!

How would Jess name her autobiography: How to deal depression with memes.

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