Campus Safety- fire drills

Kate Saunders

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As we live and work together at Tilton, safety is one of the most important topics. From regular fire drills to our security team, we are consistently looking for ways to improve the safety of the campus.

Why do we do drills?

Drills help us practice our understanding concerning an emergency on campus.  It is important to know what steps to take in the event of a campus emergency. The state of NH gives us mandatory standards to uphold from signage to our drill schedule to ensure our campus is in compliance.

What pieces help us be most safe?

  1. Key Cards: We are so fortunate to have our key card system which can help our campus stay secure visitors who are not on campus without proper permission.  The system also helps track who might have been the first or last person to access a space.
  2. Northeast Security: We have a security team that comes on duty at 10:00PM and departs campus at 6:00AM.  They complete patrols on campus throughout the night to ensure the campus is safe. An evening report goes to an administrative team each morning.
  3. AODs: Our daily Administrator of the Day (AOD) helps with a variety for security and logistical matters throughout campus. Hour by hour they are checking on campus from supporting meal clean ups, campus events, detentions, the departure and arrival of students and by securing the record keeping of the final checkin of all students each night.  It is often a busy night for AODs as the personally meet with each member of the duty team to make sure the evening is running smoothly.

Our safety is a community responsibility, our success this a combined effort of the students, faculty, and staff of Tilton.  We are fortunate to have such caring community members that keep the hill safe on a daily basis! If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Mr.G or Ms. Saunders.

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Writtin by Ms. Kate Saunders
Edited by Ziqi (Jacky) Li

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