ISSA report- phase one

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ISSA, stands for International Students and Scholars Association, is founded with two purposes:

  1. Bringing in different cultures to our campus
  2. Helping new international students getting used to American boarding school life

By far, we have achieved these two goals.

On a hand, we built a brand new reach-out system to help new international student blend in. During the summer of 2018, we have personally contact each one of them via email and Skype to render them a whole picture about what Tilton life is like and what they need to bring. Therefore, when they arrived in September, they knew whom to find for registration. In fact, each of them was assigned with a personal guide throughout the whole orientation, so that they would not miss any meetings or critical information. Within a month, we became brothers and sisters, sharing excitements and struggles, both academic and personal.

On the other hand, we have organized a detailed agenda for a variety of cultural events. We have established contact with a Chinese bookstore called Xiaofeng. After a prolonged negotiation, they were convinced to donate fifty Chinese books as a fresh start of our international book corner.

(Picture cited from ISSA)

Apart from that, Professor Cai was our big prize this summer. He is a professor from Zhejiang University, specializing in cultural comparison, who has agreed to come to Tilton to deliver a lecture From Seeing to Discovering on the interaction between poems (Chinese and English), maths, and arts.

With support from Tilton School, the lecture has become a memorable event. For the record, students and faculties loved it so much; even some became obsessed with Chinese poems. For the next stage, we plan to contact more bookstores or libraries for the donation of books in different languages. Also, we would invite more guest speakers with different cultural focus to Tilton.

Professor Cai, Mr. Saliba, and representatives from ISSA, Tiltonian, math club, and faculty are having dinner (Picture cited from ISSA)

Written by Ziqi (Jacky) Li
Edited by Ziqi (Jacky) Li

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  1. It was ISSA first try, and they worked really hard on it. I appreciate how energetic they are, even though they made few mistakes. I believed they will do much better in the future! I believe if more people can support them, the better effort they can show us!

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