School Schedule Change

Eva Pei

Although many may argue that the schedule is a big issue and needed to be changed, as the problem is even addressed in the Professional Development with a group of student participants involved, the advantage of the current school schedule cannot be ignored, and planning for a new one might be not worthwhile.

One most raised concern that students and faculty members have is Saturday classes. I also agree that having Saturday classes is inefficient. However, changing Saturday classes seems not realistic in our school. Sports games are happening on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons, and this can not be easily replaced. The conflict on the schedule between the athletic program and academic curriculum is therefore created. As for both athletics programs and academic classes are inseparable for our school, Saturday classes seem to be the best solution for the conflict.

I have heard many students and faculty members have a problem with the black and gold week system. It indeed can be confusing for new students and faculty members, but it seems that its advantages have been ignored. If we take a close look at the schedule, we only have 3-4 flex/conference periods a week which means not all classes will be able to use flex periods. It is the teachers’ choice whether to use the flex period or not. I would imagine that in some cases extra time is needed, for instance, labs, tests, and group projects. It seems not fair if only a few blocks can have flex time under one schedule. Some may complain that it is exhausting to have extra class time after a long day of classes and it is not efficient. I believe not all teachers will use or use the whole flex period unless it’s necessary, so students will not experience 75 minutes classes ( the length of normal class time plus the flex period). Also, 75 minutes of classes once or twice a week are not unusual for college courses, and as a prep school, students should start to get used to this length of classes.

So far, we have experienced much loss of Saturday classes because of SAT & ACT tests and Grade Level Programming. The amount of EFG classes have already been much less than BAD classes. This is one problem that appeared since last year. The imbalance could be more severe if we only have one schedule in our system as we might be only losing certain three blocks.

I have no mean to claim that the schedule we have now is perfect, and there are still many issues need to be addressed. However, I highly doubt if creating a new schedule is necessary and realistic. Still, I am looking forward to the result of the new schedule on Monday morning, and I hope they would draw a solution to the current problem we are facing for our schedule.

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