Tiltonian Exclusive Interview: A Philosopher on Campus —— Alex Li

Simon Wang

Hello, everyone! Long time no see! This is Simon, the new member of Tiltonian. This time, I am going to interview a philosopher on campus, and his name is Alex Li, a sophomore student from China. He was interested in philosophy very young. Recently, he finished some of his essays, and he is eager to share his stories with us. Let’s start today’s interview.

Simon: Why you are interested in philosophy? Which part of philosophy attracts you the most?

Alex: In general, someone who loves philosophy and always thinking. As for me, when I was a little child, I love thinking deeply, and I keep doing so every day in every moment. Although I personally like philosophy, I also like learning others thoughts either from books or from some conversations. However, these are not the most important factor which makes me love philosophy. In fact, the biggest cause is that whenever I have a new thought or idea, there will be a strong obligation from my heart which gives me the enthusiasm to spread out my ideas, and I hope they can be turned into reality.

Simon: When did you start or realize your interests in philosophy? Is there any special opportunity?

Alex: When I was 11, my father brought me to meet with a Taoist. He gave me a book called “I Ching”. Since then, I started my learning on the philosophy of Taoism. When I got in touch with some terms in the Taoism, such as “Tao” and “Yin Yang”, I was corresponding with these words and started learning and developing my own philosophy.

Simon: Since you have done researches on philosophy for a long time, would you like to share some of your thoughts with us?

Alex: When I was in China, I was affected by the big environment from the society which let me contact with Confucianism. Three years ago, I came to the U.S and traveled around the western world. These experience gave me a chance to learn basic theories of western philosophy, from Socrates to Nietzsche. In last year, my family started following the laws of the Buddha; therefore, I learnt about Buddhism as well. After these researches, both from Western and Eastern world, I begin to write formal essays about philosophy. The essay that I just finished is discussing the truth of philosophy based on my own perspective. One of my most important ideas is that no matter western or eastern philosophy, they are interlinked in nature and they are all based on the same foundation that they are all looking for true philosophy—— “The One”. This conclusion might sound could be easily answered; in fact, this question still has struggled all philosophers more than two thousand years.

Simon: What’s your outlook for the future?

Alex: I am willing to have more systematic learning on philosophy in the university to further develop my ideas; meanwhile, I am also going to improve my writing and expressing abilities in order to let more people understand my thoughts. In addition, I plan to publish books and held speeches to spread my thoughts. To achieve my goal, if anyone has interests in philosophy, I am eager to have a conversation. We even can have a philosophy club as well!

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