Candidates Meeting & Student Body Election

Simon Wang

This Friday, students voted out new members of the student government for next year. Madison Kirker will be the new president, Max Paganini will be the vice president, and Robyn Hamann will be the treasurer. Congratulation! Let’s review our candidates’ speeches on Tuesday and Thursday night.

The most frequent term that appeared in most speeches is “School Spirit”. Kirker and Max both consider that the black and gold game will be the most important part of the formation of our school spirit. If they could be elected, they would hold black and gold games which will be more interesting and more frequent. Meanwhile, they do hope every student to be more involved in these games in order to bind us together tighter as a community. Another term that is worthy to note is the “school meeting”. Kirker, Max, and Maggie said that they are all going to reduce teacher’s announcements time on the school meeting; instead, give more time for fun activities. Teachers’ announcements will be sent through emails which will be more efficient.

Besides, our candidates also have some own plans to improve our campus. Kirker is willing to improve the quality of student government meeting. She plans to discuss more topics and issues on one meeting, instead of focus on one issue for each meeting which is inefficient. Max wants to change the D.C. meeting. Since many students left this year, he decides to be a fairer D.C. member and defend for each student as much as he can. Paganini is always on your side! Maggie hopes to give students more activities during winters since it’s usually boring during winter time. Finally, Robyn, she hopes that her role can better connect with student groups, so more of them will be able to get funds faster than before.

Hope you guys can make our campus better! Good luck!

This is Simon. See you next time!

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