WCP Apple Picking Adventure

Simon Wang 1

On September 29, this past Sunday, Tilton School had a group of volunteers gathered together to go on an apple picking field trip. Lead by Mrs. Saliba, this field trip was preparation for apple pies served on the upcoming formal dinner. The destination was Windy Ridge Orchard, a delicate farm located to the east edge of the White Mountains.

The sun shone brilliantly and the water in the pond glittered invitingly. Pines and birches swayed gently in the breeze. The group made a stop at the White Mountains on the way to the farm. They took a group picture to record down this beautiful scenario.

Students were distributed one bag per person to pick ripe apples. Some picked the apples and filled their bags by hand while some used the apple pickers. 

Rows of apple trees arrayed orderly on the farm with lawns in between. Apples scattered on the tree and embellished the view.

Drawing to 4 o’clock, the students finished their apple picking and returned to the rest lounge, marking the end of the lively trip. The full bags of apples placed on the table not only showed the effort students put into but exhibited passionate dedication each WCP had toward our community.

Please look forward to apple pies and thanks for every participator’s contribution to this event!

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