The First Game Event On Campus By Far!

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On Saturday, October 26th, Jeff Chen hosted the first-ever Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament at Tilton School. It was open to everyone, and the top 3 players can get a shoutout during the school meeting next week. There are also prizes and surprises for the champion of the night. 

Jeff said: “I’ve been playing Smash Bros. for a while and found it as a fun and competitive experience, and I realized how few video game-related events there are in Tilton, so I hosted this tournament. Despite many people saying they’re interested, there were only 5 people joining yesterday, since it was a long weekend and most people were gone.”

Although almost nobody in the school even knows what Smash Bros. is or how it is played, this event was a great chance for people to join and get to know more about the game. It was entertaining by simply watching the tournament as well. However, “ it would be more interesting if there were MORE PEOPLE PARTICIPATING,” Jeff said.

Jeff is most certainly going to host the 2nd tournament since lots of people were interested but had events planned for the long weekend already. He is willing to give everyone interested a second chance to win the tournament and a Dunkin Donuts gift card!

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