Strangers on a Train

Sara Thibeault

What if we swapped murders? Just two strangers on a train—who could ever figure it out?

This fall, students took on a tolling show filled with many challenges to overcome. The play embarks on a deep story following the changes one can impend upon another. “You may think I’m the man I was when we met. Think again.” Come to see the play this Thursday and Friday night at 7:30.


Teruhiko Hotta as Guy

Hunter Perkins as Bruno

Stephanie Thrippleton as Elsie and Treacher

Clara MacDow as Anne

Jeff Chen as Myers

RJ Bolduc as Gerard


Rawm White

Gus Raymond

Sara Thibeault

Sofia Condodemetraky

Strangers on a Train will be shown on October 31 and November 1 at 7:30 pm.

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