Fall Play: Strangers on a Train

Simon Wang

On October 31 and November 1, the troupe on campus staged one of the most famous Strangers on a Train. 

It is about two strangers, Guy and Bruno. They are chatting with each other, about their identity, their job, and things that they don’t like. Finally, they make an appointment, which Bruno will kill Guy’s unfaithful wife, Guy will kill Bruno’s father. They did the appointment in a joking way, and they don’t think the other person will take the appointment seriously, they are just strangers.

However, Bruno kills Guy’s wife. Guy is angry, but he doesn’t call the police. Bruno gives Guy a week limit to kill his father, and Guy did it. In the end, both of them lose hope for the future, Bruno suicide himself.

This play was based on Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “Strangers on a Train” in 1951. In the play, the background, actors’ and actress’ costume, and the flowers are in black and white. The only colorful thing in the play probably will be the blood on the wall when Bruno uses the gun to suicide himself. I think the purpose to do this is the director wants to make the play to be more depressive. This is a serious story about the consequence of joking. Also, I think Mr. Harrington wants to connect the play to the movie. The movie was played in 1951, in which the movie was in black and white. He wants to put this into the play. I think that is the reason that everything in the play was in black and white.

Never making appointments with people you don’t know, even you are strangers.

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