Few notes on the new visitation policy

Wallss Wang

New changes in visitation policy: Are updates in visitation policy necessary? 

A few weeks ago, the school published the revised dorm visiting policy, which includes a certain time period for dorm visiting, rules you need to follow during visitation and check-in procedure. We know the school and the student government worked hard to solve the security problem; however, are new changes on visitation policy effective?

  • 9th grades are not allowed to visit senior rooms or dorms at any time 

It never makes sense to differentiate between senior and freshman on dorm visiting issues. I don’t mean Freshman must be allowed to enter senior’s dorms, but since seniors still can visit Knowles, it’s just really unfair and confusing. And there is one point that didn’t clarify that is whether a senior proctor’s rooms are good for a freshman to visit or not. 

  • People who visit dorm they don’t live in need to sign in to the dorm log in the common room instead of texting AOD every time.

This one makes our visitation more convenient indeed. According to my own experience, there was once my friends visited my dorm. We texted AOD and asked if they can come and play, but we received the answer “No”. We didn’t understand why AOD refused to let them visit. And also, you need to wait to know whether you can enter until AOD reply, however, they are not always in contact.

  • The door always need to stay fully open

It says that it’s for dorm parents to check in with students’ securities and to avoid vaping. As we all know, dorm parents almost never check in with you except during study hall, it may be slightly more effective for avoiding vaping, though dorm parents probably can’t realize someone is visiting at most of the time.

  • Dorm parents are present and granted permission

Probably never find dorm parents during the weekend, and then we come back to the same problem of texting AOD at the back time. 

  • Light is on at all times

Is it necessary for light to be on at any time? Even in the daytime? I totally understand why we need to turn on the light at night while someone is visiting, but what is the purpose to turn the light on while the Sun is shining brightly through the window? Wasting electricity? 

  • Students are not under blankets/covers, lying together on furniture or engaging in intimate acts beyond hand-holding.

It’s super common that you lie on your bed watching movies along with your friends, and probably have the blankets covered because of the cold weather. Also, the skinship behavior varies from culture to culture, from boys to girls, even from person to person. It is unrealistic for a school having abundant cultural diversity like us. 

  • Visitation to other dorms except yours is only allowed during the following times: Weekdays – from 7 PM to 7:50 PM, Weekend – from 2 PM to 5:30 PM and 7 PM to 7:50 PM

The rules become more specific than ever when it comes to something unnecessary stuff. There is no difference in visiting your friends’ dorms in the morning or in the afternoon on Sunday. Same as visiting on weekdays. And I thought the main goal of setting a visitation policy is to protect and avoid students from potential harm, but I just fail to understand what’s good for us to make the visiting time period so busy. 

At the end, what’s the most serious problem with the new visitation policy? Some people don’t really follow the rules every time while nobody cares about that 🙂

What does the visitation policy make sense if people don’t follow it? Why don’t we just relax the restriction and put it into force strictly?

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