Few thoughts on the AOD System

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AOD, the administrator of day, is a character that we are reminded to be very important since we stepped into Tilton School. Whether under an emergency situation, check out to go downtown or visit another dorm, we are required to get permission from AOD before we take action. Nevertheless, I think people all realized that AOD is not always free and available. Sometimes, it takes a while to wait for a reply from AOD, which can cause a lot of inconvenience. 

Emergency Situations

From what I heard from many students, it happened multiple times that they can’t reach out to the AOD. There was once one of my friends hurt her ankle in the dorm while no one nearby was available to help her. She texted AOD but didn’t get any reply after waiting for a while. She eventually decided to try to go to the health center by herself. Fortunately, AOD came to help her when she was halfway to the health center. The accessibility of AOD is shown to be very crucial. Additionally, We live in a community which includes about 250 students, it’s possible that two emergencies occur at the same time, while one AOD is apparently unable to deal with two problems at once. What if one of the students can’t hold out until AOD solve the other one’s problem? Also, as what I know, AODs get their phone (the one for AOD) after the academic day, and most of the time they don’t get it as soon as they can, but accidents can happen at any time, it may be a huge security concern throughout the academic day.

Usage of dance/art studio

As students don’t have the right to hold the key to the dance studio and art studio by themselves, every time we want to use the studios, we have to text AOD to help us unlock the door. However, AOD sometimes can not reply in time, and then students have to stand outside the studio to wait for AOD to reply and then come to unlock the door. According to my own experience, the process can spend about half an hour. The majority of students who suffer from these are those who do an ILE program as their afternoon activity, and they are always ignored by people who should be responsible for unlocking the door for them. 

All the problems mentioned above are understandable though, as it’s known to us that there is usually only one teacher on duty as AOD every day. They are a person and teacher in addition to AOD, they can be very busy or have some personal matters to work on somewhile. For instance, there can be some emergencies happen on themselves, they may also feel sick or unwell at someday. 

With appreciation to AOD’s sacrifice of their personal time for their concerns for students, I still hope the school can notice the inefficiency of having one AOD. Since it’s related to students’ safety, it should be helpful to students instead of causing inconvenience or even trouble. So my personal suggestion will be why don’t we just make two teachers on duty as AOD instead of only one, they can be on duty during the day alternatively or work together, either may improve the efficiency a lot.

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