Winter Musical Preview

Sara Thibeault

Tilton Theater will be performing the ’80s themed musical comedy, The Wedding Singer, on February 27th and 28th 2020.

The Wedding Singer is a musical taking place in the fabulous ’80s, filled with neon lights and comedic punchlines, based on the 1998 film of the same name, starring Adam Sandler.

Due to the mature content and explicit language, this show is rated PG-13.

The musical revolves around Robbie Hart (Hunter Perkins) who ensures wedding couples in ’80s New Jersey a memorable moment with songs until it’s his turn at the altar. There, the wedding singer’s world is turned upside down by his fiancée Linda (Sydney Baxter), as a casualty of love. Julia (Kylie Curtin) brings him out of the dumpster into a new kind of thing. A thing of romance and true love.

A preview of the set built and painted by the tech crew.

Actors have been hard at work memorizing lines, songs, dances, and even set changes.

Las Vegas sign, lettered and painted.

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