Winter Musical Preview

Sara Thibeault

Tilton Theater will be performing the ’80s themed musical comedy, The Wedding Singer, on February 27th and 28th 2020. Actors have been hard at work memorizing lines, songs, dances, and even set changes.

Theatre Should be Considered a Sport

Sara Thibeault

Users who liked this: Musical theatre should be considered a sport and fulfill the requirement of a sport here at Tilton School. Many look at this statement and shrug it off, saying “no” without a reason. After all, “theatre is an art, not a sport.” Though, theatre is so much […]

Strangers on a Train

Sara Thibeault

What if we swapped murders? Just two strangers on a train—who could ever figure it out? This fall, students took on a tolling show filled with many challenges to overcome. The play embarks on a deep story following the changes one can impend upon another. “You may think I’m the […]

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